In my favorite part of my rural home county, there is an abandoned farmhouse flanked by wide, rambling fields that I frequently pass by, and I tell stories to myself about the people who used to live there...or the spirits that still do. For this lookbook, I was inspired by that beautfiul but decaying house as well as the ancestral roots that can bind a soul to a particular plot of land. The house itself is now taken over by the wild roots of Mother Nature, which to me makes the place even more magickal. The Country Goddess collection and lookbook are about the love of wild rural land, the love of getting lost on rough country backroads, and the love of ancestral talismans passed down from one generation to the next.

-Ashley, Flatwoods Fawn

Country Goddess Photoshoot:

Photographer: Milly Baine-Brent of The Rose Reflective

Model: Mary Hannah

Hair Stylist: Caroline Carter

Assistant: Jason Hardiman

Videographer: Luke Yates

Jewelry: Flatwoods Fawn

Clothing: Personal vintage collection

Location: In the sticks of Middle Tennessee