The 2018 Holiday collection was heavily inspired by the culture of the 1970's, including the fashion, space travels, and real-life goddesses from the era. One goddess in particular, Donyale Luna, a model and actress who has since passed on, was especially inspirational. The pieces in this collection are not for the meek or mild, rather, they are bold and ready to be seen. Many of these talismans are one of a kind pieces or limited in number, made from vintage supplies from the 70s and mixed together with a little bit of modernity. 

I hope you enjoy gazing at the new collection and lookbook .Wishing you a magickal holiday season and new year,

Ashley Massey, The Gypsy Fawn Owner + Designer

Seventies Goddess Photoshoot:

Photographer: Natia Cinco

Model: Aleta Myles

Jewelry: The Gypsy Fawn by Ashley Massey

Makeup Artist: Bernadine Gunderson

Clothing: Toro in Nashville, TN and The Gypsy Fawn's personal vintage collection

Location: Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee