Witches are farmers too.  They cultivate magick, seek the moon's advice, and enchant their familiar friends.

A witch on a farm is not out of the ordinary.  Witches are friends of the plants and animals, and are accustomed to helping elements of the universe grow

A witch on the farm will trade in her long, black dresses for worn out overalls.

A witch's familiar can be her closest friend.  Familiars are animal guides that offer companionship and moral support.

A cat is one of the most recognizable of the familiars...and a one-eyed cat is even better...

But a witch on a farm may choose a chicken for her companion...

Or even a rooster could be her familiar.. the rooster wakes the witch up every day as the sun rises, letting her know she has been given another day to manifest magick and kindess around her.

A cow can be a farm witch's familiar too...

Cows on the farm are enchanted by the witch.  These gentle giants watch her every move and are transfixed by her magical presence.

The farm witch isn't afraid of the bull at her back...

or the friendly heifer at her side..all are her familiar friends on the farm.

A farm witch sees beauty in the overlooked things, like the vines that wrap around her old barn.  The vines hold up the weathered wood like they have been put there by a witch's spell.

A witch on the farm pairs romantic velvet with worn in denim..

and drenches herself with enchanted jewels..

jewels that are made from the moon and stars.

Water is her sister and the moon is her mother.

Even the wild ducks flock to her magical aura.

The witch on the farm is fearless in her flight over the farm.  She rules over her land with heart and strength.  She knows that her responsibility is to care for the land that gives her and her familiars life.

On her neck dangles knives and crystals that protect her in a multitude of ways.

Her familiars continue to follow her every step...

and they rest easy in her soothing presence.

The witch is a force of nature; she is the patriarchy's worst enemy and threatens man's dominating presence with her all-knowning feminine wisdom.

The witch's ritual circle on the farm is a hay ring...

and she collects flowers and herbs to adorn her sacred space.

The farm witch makes smoke appear out of thin air.

She finds magick every day, even while performing her farm chores.

She surrounds herself with symbols that magnify her strength.

A witch is a sorceress of nature.  She uses nature to create and cast spells, and she thanks Mother Nature for all the gifts she receives from her.

The members of her coven range from the cattle that graze to the herron that hides by her pond.

The witch on the farm cultivates magick wherever she goes...

but the farm will always remain her true home.

Her overflowing love and good vibes are returned with dog kisses and cat purrs.

She makes a home filled with her sacred and found treasures...

and rests by the protected hearth of her dwelling.

The farm witch worships the moon.  For centuries, farmers have looked to the moon for when to plant and when to harvest.  The farm witch looks to the moon to guide her even further...

The farm witch follows the moon phases to plant seeds of her soul in everything she makes and tends to...

Her gentle but fierce spirit surrounds and protects the farm.  She dances when her day is done because she knows her magick is just beginning.

Writer and Jewelry Designer: Ashley Massey of The Gypsy Fawn

Photographer: Natia Cinco of N. V Photography

Model: Mary Hannah of Tiny Blue Lamb

Clothing: Sugaree's (Murfreesboro, TN) and Local Honey (Nashville, TN)

Location:  Massey Farms in Flatwoods, TN