The holiday collection this year consists of some of my most favorite pieces to date. From the flying butterfly necklace to the goddess pantheon necklace with a working vase, this collection is meant to enchant and inspire you to bring magic to the everyday. For the lookbook, my photographer Milly and I met at a historic manor in downtown Sheffield, Alabama. The haint blue porch ceilings, pink walls, and Greek columns all combine to create a hauntingly beautiful backdrop. I hope you enjoy viewing the lookbook and have a safe and happy holiday season as well as a magical new year.

-Ashley, Flatwoods Fawn

Holiday Photoshoot:

Photographer: The Rose Reflective

Model: Ashley Massey, Owner + Designer of Flatwoods Fawn

Jewelry: Flatwoods Fawn

Clothing: Personal Collection + Sister Nettle

Location: Historic Manor by Song Ranch Retreats in Sheffield, AL