About Flatwoods Fawn

Flatwoods Fawn magically began in October 2013 on my living room floor. The line is now based in my studio on our family farm. Many of my jewelry pieces are created utilizing vintage or dead stock supplies as a way to use what is already here and would otherwise live unused in the bottom of a jewelry box. My designs are heavily influenced by my Southern Tennessee surroundings and my academic studies, specifically the intersections between mythology and women's studies and how that relates to women in the US South. I hope for the pieces to empower the wearer and serve as talismans that bring protection, comfort, and beauty to everyday life. My designs are additionally inspired by the counter-culture of the 1960's, the disco queens of the 1970's, goddesses from various pantheons, and Mother Nature.

"Flatwoods" is the name of the area in Tennessee I grew up in, and my paternal grandfather "PawPaw" named our family's homeplace Flatwoods Farm after the small plot of land in Tennessee that he loved so much. I still live on that plot of land, and along with my family we raise cattle, chickens, ducks, and have many rescued cats and dogs too. "Fawn" comes from my love of deer; deer are wild and graceful at the same time, which I admire.

You can follow along on Flatwoods Fawn's creative process and adventures on Instagram and Facebook @flatwoodsfawn. Social media followers are the first to see sneak peeks of future items and the first to hear about sales and upcoming shows. Find Flatwoods Fawn in person at the following boutiques:

Brick & Mortar Retailers:

Sanctuary Botanicals
Lawrenceburg, TN

Stock & Belle
Memphis, TN

Murfreesboro, TN

GoodBuy Girls
Nashville, TN

Blue Lotus
Bozeman, MT

Wichita, KS

Rose and Crown Apothecary
Florence, OR

Indigo Elephant
Westerly, RI

Evergreen Gallery
Hamilton, NY

Walnut & Wool
Chestertown, MD

Healing Hedge Witch
Tarpon Springs, FL

Kronach, Germany

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